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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 27, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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one year after snipers took aim at a pg&e substation, now thieves have hit it, raising new questions about security. good evening, i'm dan ashley. security has already been beefed up at the substation. the santa clara county sheriff's department said thieves stole
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construction equipment by cutting three big holes in the fence. pg&e said alarms were triggered, but the alarms were not detected by the security staff for reasons the utility has not yet explained. pg&e said it appears human error is to explain for this security breach. >> i certainly understand that the public wants to know how this happened, and we also want to know how this happened. we're coordinating and working very closely with the santa clara sheriff's department to thoroughly investigate this situation. >> it's the same facility where a sniper shot out transformers in 2013, nearly causing a major outage. pg&e said it spent $100 million in the past year to enhance security at most of its vulnerable substations. and now this happens. fire crews are keeping watch in vallejo where a blaze tore through five acres. firefighters worked to keep it from burning ten homes not far away. it burned in a marshy area near the junction of state highways 37 and 29. moderate winds and dry grass
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fueled the flames. but the tough part for firefighters was just getting to it. >> one of the problems was access. we had long hose lays, and because we're away from hydrants, we also have a water supply, when we run out of water we have to return our engines, fill them up and get back out. >> a helicopter was brought in to drop water on the fire. it was quite effective. now to the latest headlines from the napa earthquake and its aftermath. city officials now estimate the damage to private homes and businesses is $300 million. keep in mind, that does not include public buildings, roads, or utilities. vallejo today said it had red tagged 11 buildings, another 155 structures were yellow tagged, many because of chimney danger. and the highway patrol has released the 911 calls in the moments after that 6.0 earthquake hit on sunday morning. >> there's nobody else here.
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>> i think we have a broken water main here or gas. >> we have a gas leak. the house is going to explode. >> it's my daughter-in-law and my son can't get through to 911 and she's passed out. >> the chp received 494 calls in the first hour after the earthquake. they say their lines were jammed mostly asking questions about the quake which tied up their lines. 911 calls should be restricted to emergencies only, not just information requests. the napa region is racing now to get back in business. but folks there are dealing with a lot of quake damage to buildings. this map i want to show you explains where the red tag buildings are clustered in the downtown area. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has more on the repairs in napa. >> reporter: this man is pointing to the roof of his 2013 toyota. still trapped along with 20
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other cars underneath a collapsed carport at napa's charter oaks apartments. it's easy to see what's wrong here. but in other parts of napa, the quake damage isn't as obvious, though no less devastating. >> water came through the sealing right up here where you see the yellow, right along those pipes joe. >> reporter: the building is structurally sound but the water damage inside is extensive. >> we had a broken sprinkler system that flooded the back of the store. carpet delaminated, so we had to pull it up. >> reporter: martin hopes to have the carpets replaced and the store ready to reopen by monday. at the uptown theater, it's probably going to take a lot longer. it has been red tagged and unsafe to enter. at this point it's unclear whether it will be ready in time to host the likes of dave mason, and dana carvy next month. >> here's the gap and here's the gap. >> reporter: the future is also
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cloudy for randy brown. his house looks pretty good from the outside, but up close it's another story. >> they kind of said that's how much the house has moved off of the slab. >> reporter: it's not as dramatic as the older homes in town. brown's 19-year-old house was not completely off its foundation by about two inches. >> everybody seems to be in agreement the front third of the house has to come down. and then the foundation is still in question on our house. >> reporter: without earthquake insurance, brown doesn't know how much it's all going to cost. much less how he's going to pay for it. in napa, laura anthony, abc 7 news. more than 72 hours after the big quake, new damage is still being spotted by teams of building inspectors who are fanning out across napa looking for hazards now. they found a big problem spot at lincoln and jefferson streets today. this wall is on the verge of separating from the rest of the building and collapsing onto a parking lot below. look at that crack there.
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the building inspectors from sacramento spotted the huge crack and immediately red tagged the building. they asked everyone who parked their cars below the wall to move out of harm's way. >> i could see this large gap between the wall, the fire separation wall and the structure. went to the back, it runs front to back. >> meanwhile, the number of red tagged buildings in napa is now up to 116. a red tag, of course, means the structure is too dangerous to even enter. even though some napa vintners were hit hard by the quake, the wineries are joining together tonight to help others in napa and the surrounding area recover as quickly as possible. abc 7 news reporter elissa harrington has that story. >> reporter: napa valley wineries are still cleaning up after sunday morning's powerful earthquake. about 1,500 barrels toppled over in this warehouse and 18,000
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gallons of red wine burst out of these tanks. the wine came down into this garden. the purple stain you're seeing, $4 million worth of cabernet. the tasting room rock wall might not be structurally sound -- >> the structural engineers are concerned that up here there are some cracks. >> reporter: but they're still open. most wineries are, and they want people to know that. >> napa is not closed down. people ask us how can we help you. come visit, come do what you were going to do anyways. >> reporter: it destroyed many shops, restaurants and homes. but help is on the way. the napa valley vintners association launched a community disaster relief fund. a nonprofit is leading the way with a $10 million donation. >> we wanted to do something that would be immediate and help fill that gap until hopefully other government funding comes through. >> reporter: with damage estimated at $300 million, and many still trying to tally up their losses, this fund provides immediate assistance to rebuild.
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in napa, elissa harrington, abc 7 news. >> if you want to give, very easy to do. we have a link at people devastated by the quake will get something back. oakland raiders hall of famer willie brown presented a check for $25,000 that will go directly to the napa valley unified school district and napa valley education foundation. it's just part of $50,000 in donations the team made today to help in the recovery effort. >> many of our families grew up with the raiders, people like me pass a kid watching mr. brown play, pretty aggressive cornerback. good role model for these students behind us. it's exciting to be here, and to accept this check for our students and our classrooms. >> napa is the raiders' home away from home. they just completed their 19th training camp there. their facility is located adjacent to redwood middle school.
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so they're very familiar with the schools up in that area. sky 7 hd was over the control tower where crews were busy replacing the windows shattered by the quake. the tower has been out of commission since sunday. the airport is still open for takeoffs and landings, pilots look out for one another. the faa hopes to get the tower up and running in the next few days. the city of napa put out this detailed map today showing every red and yellow tagged building. and the blue icons are faucets showing how many water leaks have been identified. as you can see, quite a few. here's one water leak being repaired by a city crew. this is the busy intersection near highway 29 in napa. sky 7 hd was over solano avenue and redwood road. it closed a highway off-ramp that has since reopened. a lot more to bring you on abc 7 news at 9:00. coming up, a brutal and senseless crime. in a quiet south bay
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neighborhood. why would anyone want to bludgeon this innocent dog to death. boy, surf's up tonight on the california coast. you're going to see some of the big waves that are pounding the shoreline. meteorologist drew tuma is here with the weather. >> yeah, we're tracking a very warm end to the work week. will the heat break in time for the holiday weekend? i'll have your forecast straight ahead. michael finney shows you how to negotiate with your insurance company after a natural disaster like the one we just had. stay right here, abc 7 news ...we need to break up.
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this is the kind of story that makes you wonder. a horrendous animal abuse case leaves a san jose family grieving for the loss of their pet dog. sparky was severely beaten for no reason at all by two teenagers. here's david louie. >> reporter: 11-year-old sparky has always been special to the mckenzie family. they rescued him at the animal shelter when he was 3 1/2. his life was cut short when two
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teenagers broke into the mckenzie home and clubbed sparky, leaving him for dead for no apparent reason. >> he's always been more of the protector of the house. it's possible that maybe he was just kind of defending his home. but he's a little dog. like who -- i can't even -- i don't know. i'm at a loss of words. >> reporter: two other family dogs were not harmed. police say the teenagers broke into several homes at this upscale neighborhood. but what they did to sparky was unimaginable. police caught up with the two boys when one resident caught them burglarizing his house. >> my understanding is one of the children was responsible for killing the dog. and according to the police, the other one acted like he didn't realize it. you know, that he had gone upstairs and killed the dog with my golf club, by the way. >> reporter: the teenagers have been sent to juvenile hall and booked for residential burglary.
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one was also booked for animal cruelty. he's concerned the deadly attack on sparky should carry a strong punishment, perhaps a long term locked up. the residents find it difficult to stomach the cruelty sparky suffered. >> i can't believe the kids that age would have that level of brutality. both the break-ins, and the dog, killing a dog, beating a dog to death. that's just unimaginable for young teenage kids. >> reporter: in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. let's go down south. high surf pounded the southern california coastline for a second day. the severe weather caused by tropical storm marie in the pacific. abc news reporter la tisha juarez has the report.
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>> reporter: water borders and surfers looking to try the surf. a crowd of spectators knocked down after a wave came crashing ashore right on top of them. >> i'm all right. just got taken out by about ten people. >> reporter: many experienced boarders choosing to stay out of the water rather than risk injury. >> it's too big for me. i was going to be a spectator and take pictures with my little camera here. >> reporter: the enormous swells, the result of hurricane marie, just off the coast of california. keeping lifeguards very busy. this man pulled out of the water after he began to struggle. >> body surfer that got a little tired coming in. our guards went in and helped him in safely to shore. >> reporter: thousands of people lined the coast to watch the waves and surfers riding on top of them. >> we come down here anytime
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it's this big. biggest we've seen since '97. these guys are having a blast out there today. >> just amazing. this is like nature's show for us today. >> the surf also pounded catalina island. this picture posted on twitter tonight by a county supervisor, officials say waves tore through a boat yard on the east end of the island. boats were turned on their sides, and lumber was scattered in abalon harbor where it smashed into moorings and pilings causing considerable damage. very proud to have with us our new meteorologist here at abc 7, drew tuma. he's in for spencer tonight. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> welcome aboard. you're working the weekends, but glad to have you during the week. you're watching the weather down there, i know. >> here, a little bit of wave activity but nothing like there. >> higher than normal here? >> the biggest risk is rip
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currents. so be prepared for that. much more about it in a second. live doppler shows you we had a quiet and calm day today. generally skies are clear. so not any moisture. you notice city lights here and there, getting filtered through a little bit of cloud cover. we expect a little bit of fog along the coast. san francisco, currently at 61 degrees. 64 in oakland. 66 in san carlos. san jose coming in at 67. half moon bay is down to 61 degrees. emoryville cam shows you the eastern span of the bay bridge. if i back up just a little bit more, you can see at&t park. the lights are on as the giants wrap up their game tonight. temperatures right now, santa rosa 61 degrees. 73 in fairfield, concord and livermore. one final shot from the rooftop camera. gorgeous view from the western span. a quiht. our forecast features will note coastal fog overnight tonight.
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patchy in nature. mild and hot again tomorrow. the holiday weekend is looking dry and pretty beautiful. we want to talk about the beach hazards we have locally. not as high wave heights as they're seeing to the south. still waves anywhere from five feet to nine feet in monterey bay. the southerly swell is making rip currents stronger than they usually are. the swell will decrease this weekend, so if you are going to the beach, today, tomorrow or friday, note that the rip currents are very strong. the reason why we have what was a major hurricane now a tropical storm marie, winds about 60 miles per hour. gusts higher than that moving to the west-northwest. area of high pressure over us will keep us pretty safe, keep marie ought to sea, but still churn up our waters through saturday and bring high clouds into friday. the forecast will show that. tomorrow, similar sky on the way. high clouds. no rain on friday. all but clears out for saturday. saturday looking bright and beautiful. overnight lows across the bay
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area, typical this time of night and time of year. highs tomorrow, very similar to the warmth we had today. 83 santa clara. 82 redwood city. 68 half moon bay. san francisco topping out after the 70. 66 for bo deg obey. 85 for vallejo. east bay city will see 78 in san leandro. 78 in newark. inland locations are baking in the 90s. 94 very warm in brentwood. tomorrow, still hot, mid-90s inland. 60s along the coast. we have a gradual cooling trend through the holiday weekend. we remain dry, sunny. monday right now, 90 inland, upper 60s on the coast. >> nice. >> yeah. >> thanks, drew. nice to have you onboard. >> thank you. still to come, changing of the guard at abc news.
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a huge crowd gathered on chicago's south side today to welcome the jackie robinson west all-stars back to their home field. the team won the u.s. national championship over the weekend before losing out to south korea in the finals. the team was the first all-black squad to make it to the little league world series in more than three decades, and the first to ever claim the u.s. title. a lot to be proud of. they really captured the hearts of the entire city, too. in ato a parade through the city, today was also declared jackie robinson west national champions day in all of illinois, by the way.
9:25 pm
good job. an emotional farewell as diane sawyer stepped down as anchor of abc's "world news." >> i just want you to know what a deep privilege it has been to sit in the anchor chair at "world news" these years. the flagship broadcast of abc, where peter jennings created a signature of such curiosity and courage. >> sawyer is leaving the anchor desk after a five-year run to focus on original reporting and major interviews. she will be succeeded by david muir. another 30 minutes of abc 7 news at 9:00 is straight ahead. coming up next, damage at the epicenter, the repair work under wap, and what is now believed to be the spot where the earthquake originated. how the napa quake has brought out the best in people. we're going to take you to a dispatch center for earthquake volunteers. and there are a lot of volunteers. waiting in line at food trucks, or waiting for a flight at the airport.
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. good evening once again. thanks for being here. we'll start this half hour with more on the napo earthquake. geological survey pin pointed a spot where they think the earthquake originated. they said the quake's epicenter was here on milton road southwest of napa near american canyon. now, after some recalculation, they now say it's a couple of miles farther to the west and south on buckley station road. abc 7 news reporter nick smith has the story. >> reporter: the work being done right now to repair damaged
9:30 pm
sections of max well bridge is at the top of the to-do list for cal trans. >> we want to make sure it's safe. >> reporter: what these crews found is cracks around support braces, exposed rebar and pieces of the cement support system reduced to crumbled rock. but this is all according to plan. >> in an earthquake, the bridge is made to give a little bit. it actually obviously did give a little bit so it worked the way it's supposed to work. >> reporter: according to the u.s. geological survey the epicenter was here at the napa marina. this view from sky 7 shows the area. extending to maxwell bridge and beyond. this freshly patched crack on milton road east of the napa river shows you where the road split. >> some of that structure patch actually reached the ground surface. that's why there's cracking at the ground surface. we call that surface rupture. >> reporter: scientists believe
9:31 pm
most of the activity and energy for the rapture started 8 to 12 kilometers below the earth's surface. extending 10 kilometers past the napa river. >> we're monitoring aftershocks and better understand how that area response is shaking. >> reporter: damage like this is still important. engineers would like to keep as much of this concrete as possible from falling. take a look at this piece. this block fell less than ten feet from where the homeless man is sleeping. showing us once again, as bad as things are after the quake, they could have been much worse. in napa, nick smith, abc 7 news. when things get tough, it often brings out the best in people. and that is certainly the case in napa this week. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom went to a church where local officials are dispatching volunteers to where help is needed the most. >> do you solemnly swear and
9:32 pm
affirm -- >> reporter: lynn isn't becoming a citizen or police officer, she's becoming a volunteer. >> you are now sworn in. >> reporter: napa county gives the oath to all volunteers so they're covered in case of injury. >> i do. >> reporter: since the earthquake they've given it to dozens each day who have shown up to help. >> my children are going over to clean my house. >> reporter: they've come from far and wide. >> since vallejo didn't need my help, i thought i would see what i could do out here. >> because they've got nothing to do. their businesses got destroyed, or whatever. >> reporter: and the county's more than happy to put them to work. >> what i've got for you is tags to hang on doors. >> reporter: jason helping the water department notify people whose water is tested and safe to drink. >> here is a map of all the customers. >> reporter: he's joining an army of volunteers fanning out across neighborhoods. >> i got really lucky that i didn't lose a lot. my family the same.
9:33 pm
i wanted to pay it forward. >> reporter: for all the work left to be done out in the streets, some of the biggest need for volunteers is actually sitting behind a desk. >> are you good on the phone with people and typing on the computer? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: this video shows just a few out of the hundreds of damaged buildings that now need permits to be repaired. at last check, the city of napa had a backlog of 1,000 applications and they need volunteers to process them. >> i need to keep ten people at those work station also from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. >> reporter: there will be more heavy lifting to do. >> we keep getting warned there will be a call for people to pick up bricks that have fallen out of buildings. >> reporter: a call folks here are sure to be answered. >> it's great to see the community pull together, and really, go napa. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. now, once again, there's so much need. if you'd like to help, go to we have a link to the napa
9:34 pm
organization. the nhl kings plan to use the stanley cup to help raise money to assist in the earthquake recovery efforts. dean lombardi lives in the area and planned weeks ago to bring the cup to napa to show it off for the fans up there. they plan to use the cup to raise money for the relief effort. on saturday it will be on display from 5:00 to 8:00 at night at the weston. on sunday see it at snoopy's ice arena from 10:00 until 1:00. a group of residents hit hard by the quake came together for a special picnic. the event was held outside the senior activity center. the nonprofit wanted to make sure seniors got a hot meal. and know that they have a place to go. organizers say the picnic made them aware that some people who rely on the center have not eaten for days. >> we will be making sure they go home with extra food today, so that they are well taken care
9:35 pm
of for the evening, and they'll be back tomorrow and we'll continue to give them as much food as they need. >> they're going to serve us all week, i understand. so these volunteers really do a good job. >> community action napa valley also runs child care centers and food banks. the group says it has been hit hard by the quake and if you would like to help, go to our website, and you'll find information on how to donate under give where you live. as you can understand, the need for aid is urgent. and here's another way you can give where you live. simply text the word red cross to 90999, and a $10 donation will appear on your next cell phone bill. it's that easy. and at abc 7, you'll find a gallery of photos from the napa earthquake. plus tips on how to prepare for the next disaster. we have continuing coverage there, too, and you can get breaking news alerts by following us on twitter and abc 7 news bay area. a wealth of information on our
9:36 pm
website. well, moving on, a controversial decision tonight from the federal government regarding last year's devastating fire in the sierra. the u.s. forest service announced it will allow loggers to remove dead trees from 52 square miles of forests blackened in the fire. the decision came amid a standoff between environmentalists and timber supporters. they said the burned trees would threaten wildlife. supporters said logging would pay for restoring the forest and eliminate the threat of a new fire hazard. a deal has been reached to expand tax credit for hollywood movies filmed in california. lawmakers and governor brown reached a compromise to offer $330 million in credits over five years. the deal ranks application according to the number of jobs they expect to create. it also expands the program to include big-budget productions.
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a reminder northbound closure at 2:00, in the afternoon, from highway 101 to king street where the freeway ends. southbound drivers will not be affected and northbound traffic should resume by tuesday morning after labor day. back to the quake. many of the victims of this week's napa earthquake are already dealing with their insurance companies. michael finney tells us that those who want the best settlement can expect to put in a lot of work. >> the major insurance companies are all out with their trailers in napa. ready to assist homeowners with their claims. it's a chance for quake victims to meet face-to-face with their adjuster. >> the insurance adjuster can get some basic steps on how to get written estimates, on how to
9:42 pm
choose multiple contractors. >> reporter: donald and alex pierce know what the victims of major disasters have to endure. both barely escaped during the firestorm of 1991. >> the firemen said you have to leave now. we said we have to get the baby. he was just -- he didn't hear me. it was so noisy and windy outside. finally i looked inside and said, i have to get the baby. >> reporter: they lost their home, and almost all of their possessions inside. and it happened all so quickly. >> we were in the house for such a short period of time, that we were unable to really collect anything. >> reporter: it took just minutes for the home to burn to the ground. the rebuilding process turned out to be a long and painful one. amy bach is executive director of united policyholders, an advocacy group for the insured. she took us through the same neighborhood devastated by the 198 the loma prieta earthquake. disaster victims shouldn't
9:43 pm
expect their insurance company to just cut them a big check. >> if you want to get paid fairly, take matters into your own hands and be your own advocate. the process is a lot more adversarial than some people realize. >> reporter: some realize they're not adequately covered. some have difficulty with new building codes and coming up with the money to comply with those codes. some fall victim to unscrupulous and unlicensed contractors. and some may find their insurance companies actually lowballing them when it comes to settling their claim. that means working with independent contractors, and architects, to get an accurate cost of rebuilding a home. >> the people who come out where they should be, after a major loss, are the people who documented their claim with their own independent estimates. >> reporter: donald said he went through a lot of give-and-take and back-and-forth before settling with his insurance company. >> it's not a fun process.
9:44 pm
you know, it takes time. >> reporter: but in the end, all that work paid off. >> i think they originally offered us about $80,000 or $90,000 less than we ended up with. >> now we have a link to more tips in dealing with your insurance company. go to and click on the sections tab, then select 7 on your side. there's information on how to contact me and tell me about your consumer problems. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. great information. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, they're called death valley's sailing stones. rocks mysteriously move across the desert. no one knew how it happened, until now. stay with
9:45 pm
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jonathan has a special touch
9:48 pm
when it comes to animals. hawkins enjoys a close bond with some lions, this one in particular. look at this. as he opens the gate, the enclosure, the big cat leaps out right into his arms. you and i might think he was attacking us. the animal is almost his height but he enjoys his large feline friend. obviously he doesn't make him nervous. a mystery solved tonight. perhaps you've seen the images of rocks at death valley national park. the rocks weighing as much as 200 pounds appear to have moved leaving trails in the sand. scientists saw it happen. they discovered that a light wind could move a large sheet of ice across a surface of water, and into the rocks. propelled by the ice, the rocks began to slide across the slick muddy surface leaving the trails that you see behind. the findings were published today in the online scientific journal plus one. interesting. one last check on the weather. meteorologist drew tuma is in
9:49 pm
for spencer. >> we're tracking a very calm picture on live doppler 7 hd. dry, very warm day across the region. 98 in lake port. 92 in antioch. 69 in downtown san francisco. 79 the high in oakland. a very similar temperature map across the state tomorrow. highs, triple digits in chico. 98 in sacramento. 101 in fresno. 90 the high in los angeles. similar sky tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. 70 the high in san francisco. 76 in oakland. 90 in concord. 93 in antioch. 91 in cloverdale. palo alto topping out at 80 degrees. upper 60s along the coast. we'll cool off slightly as we head into the holiday weekend, topping out in the upper 90s and upper 60s respectively by labor day. >> thanks.
9:50 pm
can't believe summer's almost over. late august in spain can only mean one thing, time for the annual battle in the streets. some 22,000 people began throwing tomatoes at each other this morning. more than 125 tons of ripe fruit. the event became so popular with tourists, organizers had to charge nonresidents $13 to take part. 20,000 people started charging last year to help pay off its debts. the event was inspired by a food fight between local children in 1945. larry and i are intimately familiar with tomatoes being thrown at us. >> we should take them up to the weather office. what do they call that, a target ch environment. >> initiation. >> the new guy. >> i've got about nine minutes. >> you better get your ammo ready. you have a rain slicker, don't you? >> somewhere. >> i wasn't thinking of him.
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i'm joking. the a's, another nail biter in houston tonight. searching for offense. forever searching. and hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me.
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coming up at 11:00, a major emergency communications hub red tagged. this is the damage you can see, but did the napa quake also compromise the 911 system? abc 7 news iteam investigates. dan has that story. plus, tessla has a huge request. but is fremont going to sign off on it? what the car company has planned for outside its plants. see you tonight at 11:00 over on abc 7, for all of those stories and more. starting with the a's on the road, i tell you what, every a's game right now feels like root canal. even the wins require that you bite down hard for three hours and hope. case in point, this evening in houston.
9:55 pm
a'ss looking to get the bats going before their huge series in anaheim. 1-1 in the seventh. coco crisp making some noise. 2-1 a's. astros answer. a little bloop. tied at 2.jose up the middle. 3-2 stros. sam, i am. big blow. a two-run blast. 5-3 a's. then chris carter homered to make it a 5-4 final. but the iowas do win. the angels are also winning. the a's stay one back as he thed to anaheim tomorrow. giants, all by myself. at at&t park. runners on the corners for blanco. 1-0 giants. corey dickerson splashed down
9:56 pm
off of tim hudson. his 20th. we're tied at 1. first and second for buster posey in the seventh. two-homer game last night. base hit scoring. angel pagan. the rockies just tied it up 2-2 in the ninth. 49ers visit the texans tomorrow. coaches generally do not want to risk their starters getting hurt, but the first team offense for the niners has struggled so much, colin kaepernick may play a series or two. west coast regional cover, offensive line, they have not provided much cover. or protection for kap so far. he's not worried, because like your grandmother might have told you, worrying doesn't help anything. and he remains confident. >> our offensive line is probably the most in-tuned offensive line in the pleeg i would say, as far as knowing what we're doing, what their assignments are and being on top of things. when you have a physical
9:57 pm
mistake, you don't go back to the drawing board. >> raiders are playing seattle. bellis went into the u.s. open ranked 1,208th in the world. she'll be moving up after her stunning win yesterday. c.c. will face a 38th rank tomorrow. mike schuman talked with c.c.'s longtime coach today about a victory that nobody really expected. >> and she's done it! >> 15-year-old c.c. bellis became the young earth player to win a u.s. open match since anna. >> i thought it would be a great experience. i didn't think i would win. >> she won the 18 and under junior nationals to gain a wild card into the open. she grew up in hillsboro and now lives in atherton. her first coach was not surprised she won. >> she can howl, and she can rip
9:58 pm
those opponents apart. >> reporter: she honed her craft at the burlingame country club as a kid and a couple of years ago a match was set up against a 30-year-old pro. she didn't win, but showed her fans two things. >> she likes being on stage. she enjoys that kind of thing, which i think is very cool for top athletes, to enjoy that. and number two, you can really see her determination and fight. >> reporter: c.c. is home schooled by her mother laurie so she can concentrate on tennis. is the singular focus a good thing? >> i think it's good, because i think all great athletes, if you focus at something that deep and you're that good at something, it supersedes normal interlength. >> reporter: as an amateur, she cannot accept the prize money for a first-round win. but she may now be thinking about turning pro. >> i think the fact that she's keeping options open for her college, et cetera, i think that's a good thing right now. >> reporter: mike schuman, abc 7
9:59 pm
sports. regis philbin and his wife taking in nighttime action at the open. venus williams, the lob just in. venus takes the first set in 31 minutes and goes on to win this match 6-1, 6-4. picking this up in the third. the forehand here, in for the win, and sharapova would go on to advance 6-4, 6-2, 6-3. good stuff. this 15-year-old girl, best story in sports right now. good for her. that is this edition of abc 7 news. for all of us here, thanks for watching. watching.
10:00 pm
fat neil: no! [fat neil screaming] man: stay calm, everybody! fat neil: no, no, no! mike: you can't outrun me. i see you, fat-ass! fat neil: no, don't shoot me! [laughing] guys, please. okay, i don't even have a gun.


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